Bathroom Lighting Options

Most individuals neglect the importance of bathroom lighting in favour of focusing their attention on more public spaces such as living rooms, hallways, and kitchens.

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Do you know most of the accidents happen in the bathroom, especially in the dark. The constricted space, and the slippery surface makes it a prime place for falling or hitting yourself accidentally.

Given the probability of accidents that can happen in a bathroom and the time we spend in our bathrooms, we should devote more time and care to how we light the space. Furthermore, when properly chosen, bathroom lighting has the ability to not only beautify the space, but also to boost task concentration and performance, as well as to keep you safe. The bathroom is usually the first location we visit in the morning and the last place we visit before going to bed.

Bathroom lighting, when done correctly, should make us feel good when you are taking a long bath in the bathtub. There are so many options. Talk to your contractor to get ideas about bathroom lighting.

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It’s critical to create the correct atmosphere with the right lighting. Set the tone with lovely pendants or wall lamps with shades, and choose for softer lighting over harsh, glaring lighting.

Washing, shaving, grooming, and applying make-up are just a few of the everyday procedures in the bathroom. These are tasks that necessitate good illumination in order to be accurate and productive. You’ll need good lighting at the appropriate angles to look pristine and ready for the day. You might miss an area when shaving or show up at work with your face a few shades too dark and your brows uneven if you don’t have the correct illumination. Install some decent vanity lights around your mirror, and you’ll never make another horrible mistake again.

Because bathrooms are prone to mishaps, they might easily be the most dangerous room in the house. To begin with, bathrooms are frequently damp or wet, making it easy to slip and fall. Second, restrooms are typically dark, tight spaces with few to no windows, making it impossible to see where you’re going or what you’re treading on without sufficient lighting. Maintain a bright and well-lit bathroom to keep you and your family safe.

Installing Bathroom Lights

  • There are numerous styles, shapes, types, and sizes of bathroom lights to choose from.
  • To make it easier to wash and groom, place a light over the bathtub or shower. It’s also ideal for reading in the bathtub.
  • Shadows on the face can be avoided by using vanity lights set above or on both sides of the mirror.
  • Fluorescent lighting should be avoided. If you don’t want your bathroom to feel like a warehouse, don’t do it.
  • If at all feasible, choose lights with dimmers so you can simply alter the brightness in the bathroom to suit your mood and needs.
  • A statement light, such as a pendant or chandelier, will amp up the glam factor in your bathroom.

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