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Are you looking to remodel the shower area of your bathroom, we can help. We have been installing, replying and renovating showers for ages now. Tell us what kind of shower you are looking to see in your bathroom and we can make necessary changes to build the shower of your imagination.

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We can either pre-made your shower and install it in your bathroom with our existing showers, or
we could custom make it to fit the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Prefabricated Shower

A prefabricated shower is your best choice when shopping on a low budget, despite the fact that they are available in all price levels. A prefabricated shower, as the name indicates, is self-contained and has a predetermined design. It is usually composed of moulded fibreglass, plastic, laminate, or another synthetic material and comes in a single-piece form. Shower panels, shelves, a grab bar, a shower base (also known as a shower pan or shower tray), and other standard bathroom shower elements are included in the single-piece prefabricated shower. A quadrant shower enclosure is the most common kind. Prefabricated showers are advantageous because of their low cost, ease of installation (DIY), and water tightness. Even though it isn’t the most luxurious shower experience, you will get clean! The disadvantage is that there aren’t many choices! Because more innovative shower designs are not one-size-fits-all, your prefabricated shower will most likely seem boring and uninspired. There are also just a few sizes of prefabricated showers available. You won’t be able to customise it to match the space you have. There are also just a few sizes of prefabricated showers available. You won’t be able to customise it to match the space you have.

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Custom Showers

Spending the extra money on a custom made shower will be well worth it in the long run for the ideal shower experience. Who doesn’t want a shower head that hangs from the ceiling? Custom showers are not only more environmentally friendly and long-lasting than prefabricated showers, but they also offer significantly greater resell value to your house.

A bespoke shower is one that is created from the ground up in your bathroom. It’s one-of-a-kind, and it’s tailored to your exact requirements and tastes. Are you looking for a walk-in shower? Do you have a preference for the size of your shower? There is no need to be concerned. That being said, the possibilities for a personalised shower are virtually limitless. To build a bathroom shower that is unlike any other, you may choose from a number of design alternatives. This may be exhausting at times!

Aside from the many design possibilities, a bespoke shower may be built to any size, even very small places where a prefabricated shower would not fit. Another cool feature is that you may create a unique shower drain! You may select between a frameless shower enclosure and a curbless shower enclosure, a shower chair or a shower seat for a more relaxing experience, and a handheld shower head or a fixed shower head. The options are limitless.

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The right kind of shower stall can completely change the look of your bathroom. When you want something adventurous, something that will go perfectly with your bathroom, then hire us for your shower installation or replacement. We could also refinish your existing shower by making a few changes. If you want a free quote, let us know. We are bathroom remodeling experts who know how to make your showers look beautiful and blend with the overall feel of your bathroom. Give Bathrooms Redone a call now.

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